Hi, I’m
Cj Franco

Chapter i

Santa Cruz to Los Angeles

I grew up in Northern California in an amazing little surf town named Santa Cruz, and moved to Los Angeles when I was 18.

At first, after moving to LA, and prior to becoming a model, I've worked mostly in customer service industry and retail, but these jobs never really suited me. My carefree attitude did not translate well into this industry.

Santa Cruz coastline

I’ve realized I was terrible with customer service, so I made a career for myself in modeling.

Chapter ii

Modeling career

I didn’t really think I could be a model, I mean, everyone wants to be a model, to get paid to be photographed. My father was a model, in the 90’s, and of course I wanted to follow a similar path.

I was genuinely under the impression that any woman under 5'8" was "too short" to be a real model. Coming from a small town I was warned about the types of people who lived in the big city, so when people started approaching me, asking if I could model for various companies, I assumed they were serial killers, because I'm a long 5'6"!

It wasn't until my third offer that I actually considered the idea that I could be a model. I started doing photoshoots, mostly for trade, and building portfolio, and with my ambiguous look and easy going attitude, I was able to make a career for myself.

I really didn't think I had any business on a runway, but L.A. is different.

Chapter iii

Fashion designer

Most recently I've launched a cheeky athletic wear company called "Neon Beige", and "Festival Royalty" which is a collection of chic festival styles for the girl who refuses to compromise on style, quality and comfort.

Festival Royalty collection 2017

During the week I mostly work on my clothing line, which is actually super fun. From designing new pieces, millions of emails, to meetings (for which I get to dress up in my sexiest CEO outfit). These collections are something I'm crazy proud of.

Neon Beige lookbook 2017

It is unlike any workout collection on the market.

Chapter iv


Comedy is something I always wanted to do. I guess my life is a little bit different than most people's, and I have the craziest stories, so stand-up comedy has become my outlet (or therapist).

Champagne Problems logo

I take comedy classes at Upright Citizens Brigade, and produce sketches weekly called "Champagne Problems". I absolutely love going to comedy shows, and hope to one day become a stand-up comedian.

UCB theater at Sunset Blvd.

Stand-up comedy has become my outlet (or therapist).

Chapter v

Behind the scenes

Along with being a model, entrepreneur and a stand-up comedian, I'm also a mother to two rescues - Milo and Mango. I spend a lot of time with my dogs, and basically take them everywhere with me, although it isn't easy being a single dog mom!

On the weekends, I just wanna feel like I'm on vacation, letting my weave down, laying out by the pool and day drinking specifically drinks that are pink! I love being in a bikini regardless of the season, so almost all my social media pictures are in a bikini or my athletic wear, or a fun combination of the two.

Milo & Mango

That was my story. Now check out my modeling and design work.


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